Girls Team

Delaney Giles


Delaney has always been a PE hero and this has carried on to the Football Academy. Delaney's first love is rugby, even getting called up to play for England this season, but her attitude is so amazing that she commits 100% to being the best goalkeeper for the Football Academy possible.

Alicia Sutcliffe

Centre Back/Full Back

Alicia is part of the inseparable friendship duo with Delaney, nicknamed Delicia, and is a very reliable right back. Again, rugby is her first love but she is always there when called upon to play for the Football Academy. Playing with a smile on her face may be one step too far, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Paige Mole

Centre Back

Paige is our multi talented centre back who is strong in the challenge and also very good on the ball. Her talent isn't the only thing multi, as the colour of her hair is always a pleasant surprise when we turn up on a Monday morning.

Mel Tanner

Centre Back/Full Back

Mel is a reliable and dependable full back who has performed very well every time the girls have played. She is always there when called upon, especially when asked shortly before one festival this year, although it was probably more about missing the last lesson of the day.

Danie Nutt

Centre Midfielder

Danie is our midfield general. She never shirks a challenge in both football and life and is a positive influence around the football academy whenever called upon. Just don't spell her name without an 'e' on the end. She can get narkeeeee.

Jasmine Firth


Jasmine is an enthusiastic and technical winger. She has really improved her ball striking and movement around the pitch as when she joined her legs moved about as much as those that are attached to a table. Jasmine has chipped in with some important goals this year and her quality on the ball is excellent.

Izzy Jackopson


Izzy is a naturally talented winger. Her touch, manipulation and striking of a football is top class and she is the one who can really win a game out of nothing. When training with the boys she more than holds her own and just keeps getting better and better.

Josie Stephenson


Josie is an all action striker who can score all types of goals from simple tap ins to wonder goals. The more she commits to football, the better she will get and she is one who could have a bright future in the game.