Boys Team

Bailey Middleton


Bailey joined us at the start of this year and quickly established himself as the first choice goalkeeper. Mainly because he is the only goalkeeper. He would be difficult to oust though as he is a very accomplished all round keeper who has settled in very well. He is also playing for Poole Town U18's and has also made appearances for Poole Town reserves.

Ryan Sadler

Centre Back/Full Back

Ryan 'Hollywood' Sadler is a technically gifted defender who has proved versatile all across the back line. Basically he'll play anywhere for a game. He has developed physically this year as well and is quickly establishing himself as an all round centre back and leader. Ryan is currently playing in the Wimborne Town FC development squad.

Sam Hepburn

Centre Back

Sam 'Trig' Hepburn is a commanding centre back with a big personality to match. He would run through brick walls for the team, mainly because he lacks common sense to do any different as his nickname would suggest, but he is someone who can always be relied upon to give 100% consistently. Currently playing at Poole Town FC for the under 18's and has also made appearances for the reserves.

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John Ahern

Full Back

John Ahern is the team's Mr Quiet but do not mistake his serene nature for weakness as he has a steely side beneath his soft shell. Shakespeare he ain't but John is developing into a dependable full back who possesses both attacking and defensive qualities in abundance.

Rio Purveen-Hughes

Full Back

A very calm left back who's first touch has developed from resembling a trampoline to more of a springboard now. Rio has developed into a very solid all round player this year having joined the school in September. Rio has added a presence and steel to his game this year to go along with his left foot that would not seem out of place in the hands of Harry Potter.

Oliver Sherwood

Full Back

Ollie has been a dependable member of our first team squad over the last two years filling in at right back, centre back, centre midfield and even as a winger. Jack of all trades, master of none some would say. And you'd be just about right but he provides a solid 7 out of 10 in most games even with a body that is made of chocolate with the amount of injuries seen!

Josh Hacker

Centre Midfielder

Josh is an all action centre midfielder who has a bit of everything in his game. He has really started to bring the consistency he shows every day in training into games now and has become a very important part of what we are building. Tall, commanding and a brilliant finisher are adjectives you wouldn't use but with the rate he is developing, Josh is a lad who could have a good future in the game.

Connor Hansford

Centre Midfielder/Centre Back

Connor came into the football academy through the back door, mainly because we had barricaded the front door to keep him out. But out of nowhere we suddenly had a real 'find' on our hands as it quickly became apparent that Connor had potential in abundance and he soaked up feedback like a sponge. Another who would run through a brick wall for you, Connor will continue to develop into a very effective central player either in midfield or defence.

Oliver Lowes

Attacking Midfielder

Oli joined the football academy a mere 5 months after a very serious leg break but has the healing powers Lazarus would have been proud of as, well ahead of schedule, he was out on the pitch showing us just why we had been through lengthy negotiations to bring him into the football academy. Great feet, composure and potential to win any game make Oli one to make a note of in terms of future success in the game.

Sam Herrington

Centre Midfielder

Sam was another new recruit in joining the first year of the football academy and quickly established himself as an integral member of the team. On the ball he glides past opposition players as if they are but ghosts and he has added a work rate to his game that makes him unplayable at times as long as he hasn't got his cat's birthday lunch to attend.

Josh Howlett-Green

Centre Midfielder/Full Back

Josh started out as a pacey winger until we realised he had no pace and couldn't play on the wing. But Josh is a technical and very astute left back or holding midfielder who will always give his all for the team when called upon.

Ben Howe


To say Ben is a clever striker/winger would be a lie but he is someone who you know will be honest and work hard for the team whenever called upon. With quality on the ball, and a great attitude, Ben will keep developing into a really effective player..

Charlie Shears


Charlie is a fox in the box striker with incredible workrate. He quickly progressed from the B team to being a regular fixture in the first team chipping in with crucial goals including an unlikely bullet header in our last game out. Unlikely due to his height disadvantage but he's always good to carry the bags while others go on the rides at a theme park.

Colby Wood


Colby was another summer transfer signing from a local school and he has settled in really well. Having not played for a year or so before joining, Colby has really flourished in training and playing regularly. His surname was apt as it also described his flexibility and movement around the pitch when he joined us, but Colby has made massive improvements this year and can only keep improving.

Oscar Gorman


Oscar is a hard working striker who will fill in at any position he is asked of and is one of the team's Mr Reliables. Oscar has scored some important goals and at times missed some big chances, but with more bouncebackability than a trampoline park, he is always willing to take responsibility on the pitch and his contribution is always important.

Jack Simpson

Centre Forward


Rob Cawley


Rob is a striker with the sort of shooting a blind rifleman would be proud of. He is learning his trade having transitioned from positions further back on the pitch and the ginger Harry Kane is proving to be a hit with his clever hold up play and never say die attitude and will continue to get better and better.